Image showing two puppets sitting between the supplies required
Supplies required for making puppets

One of the great things about doing shadow puppetry at home or in the classroom is that you don’t need fancy tools and supplies. You can make a desktop theater of a cardboard box and parchment or tracing paper, and cut puppets out of the thin cereal boxes. Ordering materials through the Amazon links provided below will allow me  to receive a small kickback if you make a purchase. All supplies listed can also be purchased through your local stores.




  • For classroom use, a great and versatile rechargeable light (which also runs on batteries) is the Coast LED magnetic work light, which can be attached to a metal pole behind the children (facing downwards) or put in front of a screen on a table, facing upwards. Strong enough to cast sharp shadows on a wall or ceiling.
  • Alternative (shown on page) Rechargeable piano/reading/craft lamp.
  • For desktop puppetry: Clip-on light such as bed light, craft light, or book light. Standing on a table in front of the puppeteer: cell phone flashlight, flash light, or desk light.

Puppet storage