Printable Library



19th Century People (Mix and Match)

Templates of men, women, and children in 19th century attire with individual heads, upper, and lower bodies and attributes. These templates are suitable to act out stories from the Underground Railroad and other historical events, as well as some 19th century folk and fairy tales.

Black History Printables

During 2019 puppets will be added in connection with the 400 Year African-American History Commemoration (August 2019).

Folk and Fairy Tales Printables

Few stories are more popular with children and families than folk and fairy tales! More will be added over time.

Greek Myth Printables

Greek Mythology is a fun and popular subject in many classrooms and homes! My own children loved Greek myths as children, and I’ve held many performances on Greek myths at libraries, classrooms, and summer camps. Here are some of my Greek myth printables. Click on the download icon over each page to view and download the PDF file. More will be added over time.

Music and Composers Printables

On this site you will find printables for musicians, composers, and compositions, including the symphonic fairy tale Peter and the Wolf. Puppets will be added over time.

Puppet Templates to Use with Profile Silhouettes

Here you will find templates of puppets with just shapes for the head, which you need to replace by a profile silhouette. You will find instructions how to make a silhouettes of somebody’s face from a photo in the following blog posts: