Greek Mythology

Greek Mythology is a fun and popular subject in many classrooms and homes! My own children loved Greek myths as children, and I’ve held many workshops and group performances on Greek myths at libraries, classrooms, and summer camps. Here are a few of my Greek mythology resources.


Greek myths at home (summer 2020)

During August 2020 I will be posting tips, tricks, and patterns to act out Greek myths at home using a desk top screen that represents the world of gods, mortals, and the underworld.


The following puppets are presently available from the Printable library:

  • Zeus and Hera
  • Hades and Persephone
  • Demeter
  • Hermes
  • Aphrodite
  • Apollo and Daphne
  • Athena and Artemis
  • Medusa
  • Cerberus and Charon and his boat on the river Styx
  • Pegasus
  • Greek man and woman (template for heroes, demigods, and mortals)