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  • William Still and the Underground RailRoad

    Free-born Black abolitionist William Still has been called the “father of the Underground Railroad” (URR)–the network of free Blacks, Quakers, and abolitionists who helped enslaved people in the South escape to the North in the

  • Dancing with Beyoncé

    Have you have been enjoying Beyoncé’s latest album Cowboy Carter and maybe even tried the viral dance moves to Texas Hold’em? Then you may enjoy making a silhouette puppet of Beyoncé and let her dance.

  • Silhouette puppets for Black History month

    Most of the puppets in the Black History section of our Printable Library are the result of shadow puppetry projects that I did during Black History month with my friend Davie-Lyn Jones, a fifth grade

  • Local history tableaus

    There are 22 places in the United States that are called Lawrence. But only one of them got that name because the original one, Maidenhead, was thought to be too embarrassing for ladies. On the

  • Riding a galloping horse

    Shadow puppetry offers opportunities to act out stories from the Underground Railroad, the network of free Blacks, Quakers, and abolitionists who helped men, women, and children escape slavery in the decades prior to the Civil

  • The story of Henry “Box” Brown

    An earlier version was published on March 23, 2019 On March 23, 1849, months after his wife and children were sold to a new owner, Henry Brown escaped slavery in Richmond, Virginia in a wooden

  • Riding a horse and wagon

    If you want to act out stories from the Underground Railroad or other stories in which puppets need transportation, you may want to use a horse and wagon. In our printable library you will find