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Wolf’s disguises for Little Red Riding Hood, the three little pigs, and the seven little goats

Everybody knows the stories of Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Little Pigs. But do you the story of the Seven Young Kids (or Little Goats), who were similarly tricked? As you can read on the very informative site Ancient Origins, stories about the Big Bad Wolf have a centuries-old history. Shadow puppets are a great tool for telling these ancient stories, as it is as easy to devour human beings as it  and to open the wolf’s stomach to get them all out again.

In this blog post you can find links to original texts of the three stories. Templates for puppets can be downloaded from our Printable Library.

The following puppets can downloaded from our Printable Library:


Template wolf with opening stomach and jaw

Little Red Riding Rood

Three Little Pigs

Shadow puppet template of Three Little Pigs

Seven Young Kids (Little Goats)

Shadow puppet template of three of the seven Little Goats

Smaller wolf: Peter and the Wolf

A musical fairy tale involving a wolf is Sergei Prokovief’s Peter and the Wolf.  For this story are printables available with a smaller size wolf than the one used above. This wolf is featured in an instructional video below.


Free shadow puppet templates to act out Wolf Stories!

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