Dancing with Beyoncé

Black silhouette puppet of Beyonce with white hair, flag, and sahs sitting on a white paper horse

Have you have been enjoying Beyoncé’s latest album Cowboy Carter and maybe even tried the viral dance moves to Texas Hold’em? Then you may enjoy making a silhouette puppet of Beyoncé and let her dance. Below you will find instructions and patterns for the puppets of Beyoncé and the white horse. If you want to dance along (or ride the horse) there is also information about how to make a puppet of yourself.

Making the puppet of Beyoncé

Although silhouette or shadow puppets are usually just black, I’ve made an exception for Beyoncé’s white hair and the white Lipizzaner horse on the cover on her album. The instructional video below is set to the Texas Hold’em instrumental track.

How to make the horse

The pattern of the white horse is the same pattern as the one that is used to engage with stories from the Underground Railroad (see Black history section). In the video below, showing Harriet Tubman riding a horse, you see how you can make the horse gallop. To make the horse face to the left rather than the right connect the parts with the split pins on the opposite side of the body parts.

Stop motion

In addition to using the silhouette puppets for play or shadow puppetry, you can also use them to to make stop motion videos. I am presently working on a small stop motion video of Beyoncé and the horse dancing to the music, using Stop Motion Studio. The film will be posted here as soon as it is ready.

Dancing along: make a puppet of yourself!

Information how to make a puppet of yourself can be found in the instructional video about how to make puppets of any historical character, using a profile photo. Mind you: the instructions and patterns are all for side facing puppets–the puppet of Beyoncé is an exception.

Instructions how to make a puppet of any person using a profile photo and Google Drawings.

For more information about making puppets of yourself, family members, and friends check out posts in the family history section.

Have fun!

Free template Beyonce (wanted sign)

Helene van Rossum

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