How to Make a Dutch Hat out of Paper

In 2001, when I had to dress up my eight-year-old daughter Sara in Dutch costume for a third grade event, I found instructions for a Dutch hat on an origami listserv. The lady who shared it was so kind to send me a diagram and description, which I ended up sharing online. Over the years it has been my most visited site, with visitors from all over the world.

I recently made he tutorial above, You can download the original instructions, with small drawings here.



Helene van Rossum

Author: Helene at Past Times

Helene is the founder of Past Times and a crafter, archivist, and children’s book author. Her passion is bringing history to life for children, classrooms, and families through imagination and play.

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  • Hi Ma’am Helene ! Do you have a Vlog Version for the Dutch Hat ? I’m making this Paper Hat for my daughter’s Report for the United Nation Month because she choose Netherlands for her Class Report. I hope you can help. Danke 🙂 – Christine