How to make puppet rods with duct or painters tape

In this instructional video I am showing you how to make a silhouette or shadow puppet using a cheap and sturdy alternative for rods that are attached to the puppets with velcro. The instructions are shown for a wolf, but may be used for any puppet.

The video shows you how to cut the parts, connect them with split pins or brads, and make the rods using barbecue skewers or straws and duct or painters tape. The rods can be held in various angles and allow for the puppet to be pushed against the screen of a desktop shadow theater, which provides the sharpest shadows.

Peter and the Wolf and other wolf stories

The wolf is available as a template in the Printable Library for the musical fairy tale Peter and the Wolf. For other stories featuring the Big Bad Wolf there is a different template available in the printable library, which is big enough to swallow Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother and six of the Seven Little Goats.


Helene van Rossum

Author: Helene at Past Times

Helene is the founder of Past Times and a crafter, archivist, and children’s book author. Her passion is bringing history to life for children, classrooms, and families through imagination and play.

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